Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week in the Life: Wednesday

I was supposed to write this post last night but when I got home and got Miss K to bed I had to go to bed too. Here's how the day went:

Kennedy woke up at 9 and took at 6 ounce bottle and we started getting ready for the day. I had a meeting at Casa Sol (great affordable food) in Seguin at 1 with Regional manager Jodie where we gained a new team member and enjoyed lunch. Since we were in the area already, we went to my dads to hang out for the rest of the afternoon. We enjoyed swimming for a bit and then retreated inside for naps in the AC. At 5:15 my dad arrived home from work to keep Kennedy and Kyle and I headed to our monthly meeting at the Dominion country club in San Antonio. In my opinion, this meeting is the best meeting of the month. It is a blessing to work with many business owners all over the San Antonio area who know what it means to build a team and work with people. After sharing our story there we got in the car and started back to Seguin to pick up our little girl. At 9pm on Wednesday nights we have our team conference call and last night I interviewed our top Regional sales manager for the month thus far and Kyle gave some business building tips. When we arrived back at my dads house my step mom had dinner ready for us (such a blessing) and then we headed back to Austin. Kennedy was sleeping soundly in her bed by 1030 and I was tucked into mine by 11:15.

Today's post about our day will be much more exciting and have pictures. Thanks for reading!

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