Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Convention Day 1

We arrived in Orlando on Thursday around 3:30pm and hit the pool. It was so nice to sit and relax in the sun and not have a thing to think about for a bit. After a day in the sun I was happy to see that there was a coffee pot in our room and I quickly made a fresh cup.

Later that night we met up with our teammates in the lobby! It was great to have our Fredericksburg leaders there with us.
Left to right: Kyle, Fil Cruz (resigned from his position as the director of the cardio pulmonary position at the Fredericksburg hospital thanks to the income he is making with FHTM part time), Laura Cruz, Heath Sasko, Melanie Krause (a barber that is looking forward to working FHTM full time in the very near future), and Randall Janc (a plumber that says his job stinks and he's ready to be full time as well). It is such a blessing to work with like minded people.

Molly Aguilar and me. She and her husband Scott are National Sales Managers and Ring of Honor recipients for FHTM. She is pregnant with their first child and they just found out they are having a baby girl! It will be so much fun to see these girls grow up with big dreams and goals.
Fil and Laura Cruz have doubled their FHTM business the last 4 months and have also earned the Fall trip! We are so blessed to work with them and so excited that they will be Executive Sales Managers in the next few days!
My mentor and very dear friend Diana Waggoner. I cannot put into words all that she and her husband Tom have done for us. They have taught us everything they know about business building and I am so thankful that they have coached us and believed in us from the beginning!

Day 2's post with come tomorrow!

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