Monday, November 26, 2012

22 Months!

How is this little baby 22 months old?

*I just cried while looking at these pics
*I now also have baby fever

Okay on to the post:

Kennedy you are simply THE BEST little girl I have ever met! In the last week you have started putting several words together and repeat everything you hear (we have to be careful). In the car yesterday we were listening to Christmas music and you starting singing, "pa rum pa pa pum" with the little drummer boy! Are you kidding me? I melted! Today I said, "girlfriend, are you ready to go to school?" and you responded, "girlfriend READY!!" Oh my stars! You know all of your colors now but get red and orange mixed up a lot. You love TO color! Here is a random list of all of the amazing things you are doing:

  • You wear size 4 diapers during the day but size 5 at night (will switch to all 5 soon)
  • You wear 24m and 2t clothes but are more comfortable in 2t's
  • You wear a size 6 WIDE shoe which are IMPOSSIBLE to find
  • You go to Kingdom Kids Weekday 2 days a week at our church and you love your teachers Kim and Traudl and always talk to me about all of your classmates.
  • You love chips. 
  • You nap for 2-3 hours a day 
  • You typically go to bed around 8:30pm and sleep until 8:30am (amazing)
  • You love your toy Vacuum and you also love to help sweep 
  • You love to read
  • You yell, "amen" after we pray and add the names of anyone I might have forgotten to pray for
  • You are so sweet and cuddly
  • Right now you mostly only want me if I am around. 
  • You are friendly. 
  • You think daddy is so funny
  • You love your dog Belle
  • You love to blow kisses
  • You talk all the time
  • You always want to watch Rella, Occhio, Monkeys, Dogs, Toys which translates to Cinderella, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, or Toy Story
  • When we cover you up at night you say, "cozy!"
  • You love going to Sonic and Chick-fil-a 
  • You eat mostly anything except pasta. You don't like pasta at all (weird)
  • and the list could go on and on and on
Kennedy Kate, 
You are pure joy! I cannot believe that you have already been in our lives for 22 months! Every day is just amazing with you and I cannot express the love that I have for you. You are so funny and sweet and your daddy and I adore you. I pray that you keep your determined and sweet spirit and that you Love the Lord with all of your heart. You are a gift and I love you!

PS: We have a great time together :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Slow Down

We ACTUALLY took a Saturday off but are going full force all out business the next week! Last night we had some friends over for chili & cornbread and my friend Josh got to meet Kennedy for the first time! I swear this has been the best thanksgiving break yet!
Today we all slept in until 9 and then headed out to run a few errands. Kennedy napped from 2:30-5:30pm and then we played played played until getting her ready for bed at 9. Looking forward to a great Sunday!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Midnight Madness

Last night I had a blast going to the San Marcos outlet mall from 1030pm-1am with my 2 besties in the world! I've known Christina & Stephanie since high school and I love them dearly! I told them that we must start a new tradition and shop with each other every year. We will see! I didn't buy anything (my shopping is done) but I had a wonderful time catching up and loving on those girls!
PS: do you see how much my hair has lightened up?? Hmmm


Today was AMAZING!! Coffee with Kyle before Kennedy woke up, lunch at dads where my best friend showed up, & relaxation with dessert at my inlaws after that!

I'm thinking about braving the crowds to finish up Christmas shopping but I'm taking a bubble bath first!

How was yours?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Week

Our tree and stockings are up
The house is clean
Yesterday I took Kennedy on a breakfast date to Cracker Barrel and she did NOT want to leave the country store. So cute!
My mom will be here after noon!
Tomorrow my mom won't be spending Thanksgiving with us because she is getting up to drive to Odessa to spend a few days with my sister, Landon, & Lance. On Thursday we will eat lunch at my dads and Stephanie, my bestie since high school is coming over to eat too! I can't wait! We will spend the rest of the afternoon with Kyle's parents and family we feel so very blessed! Bring on the thankfulness :) What are your plans?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Change

I got my hair colored closer to its natural color. Right now it looks pretty dark but in a few weeks it will lighten up. I love it! I did this back in 2008 but it didn't last long. I get tired of highlighting my hair and I'm hoping this will cut back on all that required hair maintenance.

*Kennedy keeps looking at me and saying, "brown!" so cute!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've been convicted about what I've been reading lately and you may be surprised. This summer I celebrated my 12th year as a Christian and I'm ashamed to say that I've never read the whole Bible. In 12 years. Ever. Then a friend posted a picture of some friends of hers (and herself) who were oh, ya know reading THE WHOLE NEW TESTAMENT IN A WEEKEND!! A weekend! And I haven't read either the old or new testaments through in TWELVE years!! So I've said goodbye to books. Christian books: Bye! Self help books: Bye! Business books: Bye! All other books: BYE! And I'm reading God's word! I'm not putting a date on it I'm just diving in! I'm reading slow and soaking in His word! I can't write in words what the first 12 chapters of Matthew have done for me but it's BIG!! Are you up for the challenge? It's okay if you're not. I am and I'm hungry for His word!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This is Happening

This is happening this morning! AND Kennedy is sleeping late! WHOO HOO! Amazing! 

Christmas decor starts going up today! KYLE PLEASE! 

Where does one hang stockings when no fireplace is present? I don't want to hang them on our bar. Suggestions please! 


Monday, November 12, 2012

Spirit Fest 2012

On Wednesday I found out that I was one of the winners for this contest! We were wanting to go but all of our babysitters had plans for the day so we had settled on the fact that we just weren't going. When we found out that I won we decided Kennedy would get to enjoy her first concert. Since this event starts at noon and ends around 9:45pm I knew it would be a long day and secretly I was dreading taking her. 

Kennedy at her first concert with daddy. 

Pictures are out of order but I read this when I got home and praise the Lord that He works out all of the details. Matthew 6

Kennedy and I went out to the car at 1pm for her nap and she TOOK HER NAP! I knew that if she didn't sleep during her nap time she would be cranky but she got her full nap in in the car! AMAZING!
Back at the concert!

Switchfoot was great! Britt Nicole was better! Jeremy Camp was great and Mercy Me was amazing. I was not impressed with David that okay? 
Kennedy praying! My dear soul I love this girl!

Family photo! 

This girl simply amazed me! Not a tear was shed! NOT A ONE! She danced, clapped, sang, ate a hot dog, waved at people around us, talked to people around us, laughed. She is pure joy and the sweetest blessing! At one point she said, "RUN!" so she held my hand and we went for about a 30 minute walk all around Dell Diamond. If you ever have a chance to attend spirit fest YOU SHOULD! It was the most fun day for our little family! Thank you KVUE for the tickets!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Help Wanted!!

Is there a gift wrapping class?
A tree decorating class?
A sewing class?

I've never cared that I'm horrible at these things but the truth is that I'm horrible because either I've never tried, tried & failed (middle school home ec is a post for a rainy day), or just didn't care! But now I care! I want pretty wrapped presents under a beautiful tree that I sewed the tree skirt for! Is that too much to ask?

Maybe I should just stay off Pinterest.


The month of thanksgiving! I missed the boat on the whole Facebook giving thanks every day thing so I wanted to update my blog here with things I am thankful for.
1) Jesus!! Thank you for saving my life!
2) the ability to worship freely
3) perfect provision from the Lord
4) my precious husband
5) my precious daughter
6) friends that allow me to be me and open and upfront with them about concerns
7) the word of God
8) My wonderful parents
9) my fabulous inlaws! Mother/father/Kelly/Kane
10) my sister Lindsey

Here are some sweet pics of Kennedy I've snapped recently: