Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Miss

I've had a blast the last couple of days hanging out with Kennedy Kate. I can't believe that she is almost 13 months old already. Today she was trying to blow kisses, told our dog Belle"no", crawled/pulled up on everything, and handed me several books for me to read to her. These are fun times for sure!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday our landlord called and told us that they sold our condo we've been renting for the last 2 years. We knew this unit being sold was a possibility but I didn't think it would happen this soon. I am really excited about a new adventure in a new place but the idea of moving is just not fun. Who wants to come over and pack a box or two.? TEAM? Together. Everyone. Achieves. More. Right? Oh Lord please drive out anxiety and thank You for working all things out. It is a true relief that you know right where we end up and that You work out all of the details. To You alone be the glory.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 Letter Words

DOG: on Friday my chocolate lab Belle fell fast asleep after tearing up one of my couch cushions. Don't worry. I didn't kill her and was able to hand stitch the cushion up.
ZOO: Kennedy loves her zoo now. I mean she squeals with delight over it and makes every animal slide down the slide. #hearthappy
TOM(s): Well I just realized that Toms is plural so this blew my post title but that doesn't change that I finally have my first pair. The shoes took some getting used to but I think I will enjoy their light weightness on warmer days. Thanks favorite sister-in-law.

Hope your weekend was great! Mine was!

Friday, February 10, 2012

28th Birthday

Yesterday was great!! I received tons, I mean TONS of birthday greetings by Facebook, texts, email, cards, & phone calls that filled my heart full! What a blessed day that went like this:

Woke up to birthday flowers, a pot of coffee, a HUGE chocolate covered strawberry, the sweetest card from Kyle, & breakfast with my family of egg in a hearts
got to spend some much needed quality time with Beth Wittenburg in the morning
Received pedicure gift cert, flowers, cupcakes, card from my sweet inlaws
Taken to carino's for birthday dinner with dad & Diane.
Home for cupcakes and American Idol
Such a fun fun day! Here are the pics

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Bash

Every year on a Friday in February there's a party. It's the most fabulous of days (other than the 9th of such month) celebrated with 4 dear friends who all happen to have birthdays in the month of love. Our first one was a pink and black bash and while planning this event there was no intention (at least from this birthday girl) to make this an annual event but it just caught on. The birthday bash has gone on successfully in my book for the past 5 years and it holds the best memories. The themes have been:
1) pink & black bash
2) famous couples
3) 80's bash (I have the perfect curly hair for this kind of party)
4) Wear a Wig bash
5) Gold & Glam
Im not sure of the date for next years party but I CAN assure you that the theme will be talked about soon & you'll have a great time. Here are some pictures from this years party & happy 28th birthday today to me :)
I love you Jenny H, Jill, & Nocona!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kennedy Kate Turns 1

It has almost been 2 weeks since Kennedy Kate turned 1! We have had the best time celebrating her birthday and just enjoying her. I attempted to make owl cupcakes for her parties and I think they turned out okay. I am NOT one for making things so I impressed myself for sure. We had a small get together over at Kyle's parents house on Kennedy's actual birthday where we enjoyed burgers, her new cozy coupe, and watching her eat a yummy cupcake. Then on Saturday we had a medium sized family party for her over at my dad and Diane's house which was so much fun. I can't explain how much more exciting birthdays are when they are for your children. So so special. On Monday at her one year check up she weighed 21.8 pounds and was 30.5 inches tall. Here are some pictures from the events. Such a joyous time!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


WOW, I did a horrible job in blog world in January. Between church, family/friends, and work I didn't have much time for fun. I know I need to be better at balancing my time but I feel like a total winner balancing the 3 things above. I read somewhere that any human being will feel better with a balanced life. We are at "all times" to strive for a time balance that resembles a table with four legs, each leg representing a different important aspect of who you are. For example for me that would look like:
  • spiritual
  • relationally
  • professional
  • recreational
Placing a priority on each of these things by ranking them from highest importance to me will help me make sure I am not undermining the things that are essential to me in my life. So, If I have a conference call that I know would benefit my work and am tempted to skip it because my girlfriends are having impromptu pedicures at Pearl Nails, I just simply ask if not listening would line up in my priorities. With a table approach I would be able to also ask myself if I have spent enough time on my relationships this week as well.

What would your 4 table legs look like? What do you need to make sure to make more time for? A balanced life is a life lived intentionally and with purpose (to me).

Happy love month y'all! I'll be posting about sweet Kennedy Kate's 1st birthday soon!