Friday, June 25, 2010

The Winner Is:

Ashley Snell of Kyle, Texas wins the "Name My Blog" Challenge! She didn't post the suggestion that won on my blog but she did send it by text (my response is in green). See below :) Ashley will receive her $10.00 gift certificate to Sonic soon.Thanks again! Now on to the next part. Who knows if I can change my blogger URL? Will I lose my followers then?? HELP! Really just want

Had some fun today at my friend Ashley Jo's shop in Buda, TX! Here's a sample of the photo shoot I got to do and the dress that she made for me! Visit her shop by clicking Here


  1. Cute photo shoot! If you go through blogger, you can buy your domain name for $10/year and you won't lose any of your followers.

  2. Haha! YAY! I am so excited! I find it hilarious that you posted my text! I love it! I love you! I love your blog! But I do not know about that question. I am not a blog pro :(! I love the pictures and hanging out with you today! I love that one dress that I am going back to get and we can take pictures in like she said but...when I have a bra on HAHA! I love our book and starbucks meetings. Man I love a lot about you! :)

  3. THANKS ASHLEY!! I just love you too!! I figured out the question and now have :) and it links to my blog! Thanks Julie!