Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I know..I know..I'm on vacation BUT what is more relaxing than blogging in the most comfortable bed EVER?! I would love to tell you about our stay so far:

Some of you have noticed that I have cut my hair. I love it! It is about an inch under my chin and cut a bit shorter in the back. So fun and MUCH cooler :)

We arrived on Paradise Island on Sunday evening at around 7:00 PM and walked around the Atlantis because the pools close at 7 (probably so everyone will go to the Casino and Gamble).

We slept until 10:30 AM on Monday, paid a total of $57.00 for a breakfast buffet which is fabulous but not $57.00 fabulous, walked the beach, swam in 3 different pools, rode on mild rides at the waterpark, shared a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, had a cocktail (water) party with FHTM, a wonderful dinner, and talked the night away with some wonderful friends out by a pool.

Today we woke up at 10:30 again, had a wonderful breakfast courtesy of FHTM, walked the beach, waterpark, had an ice cream cone, swam, tanned, drank lots of water, had a 14 oz steak that I could not finish and dessert for dinner, went to the casino to try my hand at the slot machine with a jackpot of $66,000 (I lost $20.00), watched the Lakers play with our California friends, listened/danced to fun music while watching said Laker game...SO FUN!!

Tomorrow is our last full day and we are ready to soak it up! We have a dolphin swim at 2:20 pm and I am so excited about this! We will also have a wonderful breakfast, more time at the beach, a closing dinner/dance party and enjoy our day.

Thankfully my little "raspberry" sized baby has been pleasant to carry around these last few days. I have only felt queasy a hand full of times usually when I have waited too long to eat.

I just completed my 7th week of pregnancy and it is all flying by! I hope the rest of this goes by this quickly! My next post will be about what is going on this 8th week :)

Thanks for reading!

-Jenny C


  1. I want to take my boys to Atlantis. It looks like such an amazing place. Enjoy your swim with the dolphins. I did that in FL and LOVED it!

  2. I am sooo glad that your little one has been so easy during your wonderful vacation! I am soo happy that you got to see the famous ATLANTIS Hotel! I loved it soo much, when I was there. Praying for a safe return. LOVE YOU!