Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2000

I am forced into reflexion today because I prayed and accepted Christ as my Lord and savior 10 years ago TODAY!!! Thank you Lord for saving me and I pray that you would continue to use me all the days of my life!

Meet Craig Van Ryswyk. The youth pastor who prayed with me to accept Christ on that Wednesday night at First Baptist Church Canyon Lake. This man is such a blessing in the lives of so many!!

Yes. I've always been enthusiastic but being a daughter of Christ brings pure joy! Here is a picture of me on my very first mission trip to Washington.
This is my friend Stephanie McGilberry who became a Christian soon after me and I just love this picture because well..its her!! (Amazon Angels hahahahah)
Here is the picture of the youth group that showed me what true acceptance and unconditional Godly love is. I'm in the front left in the white U.I.W. shirt sitting next to Christina :)


  1. Oh Amazing, Jenny!!!! That just warms my heart to no end! You give unconditional love, too!! I am so blessed by you. I LOVE, MY JENNY!!!

  2. So awesome! I'm so glad you took that step of faith! Oh sweet Stephanie!