Sunday, June 27, 2010

What the Hecky Dern?

Hecky Dern: A word used by my dad instead of cursing :) the last month I have noticed some darkening of my upper lip that is not a moustache. Yes, I argued with the eye brow waxing lady at pearl nails. Our conversation went like this:

lady: "you nee lip wax too"
Me: "No its just like dark freckles that appeared out of no where"
lady: "no, you nee lip wax"
Me: "im pregnant and my skin is being weird"
lady: "i tell you you nee lip wax!!!"
I get my lip waxed
me: "its still there"
lady: "oh you right. It still there"

thanks lady for the $7.00's more. In all seriousness I love that place :) and loved this moment!

So in closing: it is a bit of a bother but totally worth it to be carrying around my baby prune! What a blessing this season of life is! I will proudly sport my upper lip with a smile :)


  1. You're beautiful! No one even noticed till you pointed it out, but seriously that conversation made me laugh so hard! So typical!

  2. It's called "The mask of pregnancy." I had it w/Jakob on my upper lip and across my nose and cheeks. I looked like a raccoon.

  3. Sorry...but I was laughing, that was funny. Yes, show off your belly, those weird hairs growing in other places ( I got one on my belly) and just flaunt that you are PREGNANT! LOVE You.

  4. I had one on my cheek. It fades. But I am glad you can laugh about it.