Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coach Childress

My husband Kyle is an amazing coach. I've watched him grow as a person over the last 4 years as we've been building our FHTM business. Today I overheard a phone conversation he was having with a fellow teammate that went like this:
Kyle: don't be so hard on yourself.
D: I know I'm my worst critic
Kyle: you're doing a great job.
D: I don't feel like it I'm terrible at A, B, C, D (alphabet has been used to protect the innocent)
Kyle: if you were a golfer and you hired a caddy and your caddy talked to you the way you talk to yourself. Your caddy said EVERYTHING to you that you say to yourself what would you do?
D: I'd fire my caddy
Kyle: then quit talking yourself out of achieving greatness!

Isn't that good????? I probably need to "fire my caddy" every single day. I'm my worst critic too and I'm real terribly tough on me. I'm starting tomorrow off differently and changing my mind about me.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
"all things work for the good for those who Love the Lord and are called according to His purpose"

We serve a big big God.

Thank you Lord for a husband who leads and is willing to put the work and effort into achieving his goals. I'm blessed to be on his team.

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  1. Best post yet! Thanks Babe for the kind and loving words. You may not realize this, but I consider you the best coach I've ever had. I love you.