Monday, May 2, 2011

So Inspired

I have begun the task of revamping our bedroom and I am so excited! We have been married for over 4 years and I have never had the bedroom that I want due to hand me down furniture, no head board, mismanaged money (not budgeting for it at all), and no inspiration. I called our landlord today and found out that WE CAN PAINT! Hello Comfort Gray. Volunteers accepted. I have taken my inspiration from this amazing blog and post and the duvet cover is in the mail. I have put money aside and next month we should be able to FINALLY buy a headboard. I am thinking either:

Which one do you like? I will post pictures along the way as we progress with our master bedroom.


  1. I like C. Darrell and I were married for 5 years before I got mine. We had no matching furniture and our bed was only on the mattress frame. That is awesome. I think every woman should have thier bedroom of their dreams. I am so happy for you!!!

  2. Definitely B! And don't worry, we don't have much of a master either. Mismatched furniture and our matters is still on the metal frame it came with, with no headboard. LoL Maybe I'll be inspired by your blog, can't wait to see the progress!

  3. I like C! You go girl! Can't wait to see pics!