Wednesday, May 25, 2011


If you have been lacking motivation in anything you have been wanting to accomplish watch Justin Bieber's movie Never Say Never. I'm his newest but not oldest fan. I love this kid and he loves the Lord! (my husband Kyle is a fan now too but please don't tell him I told you that)

Is anyone else inspired by these two? Don't hate. Guests were calling in this morning on a local radio program complaining of the 2 American Idol finalists saying, "neither of them deserve it". Umm, yeah they do! America voted! I've watched this show every single season and am proud to say it. I voted for Lauren last night but have enjoyed both of these performers from the beginning of the season. Who will win it? Randy Jackson thinks both are, "In it to win it".

How can we not be excited for these two sisters? I have never watched a full season of The Biggest Loser but found interest this year when nothing else was on television the nights leading up to Miss K's birth. I fell in love with these two sisters and I think that Hannah (directly below) and I could be great friends. Hannah came in 2nd place behind her sister Olivia who won it all.


It's refreshing to watch people reach their goals. I am cheering for each of you as you reach yours! Comment below and tell me what you are working towards! I'd love to pray for you and encourage you along the way!

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  1. It is amazing how much good can come from TV and technology in general when we look in the right place. Seeing the Biggest Loser before and after pictures are amazing. It is definitely a motivator for working out again. So that is my continue working out and getting things done. I want to lose weight, but more importantly I want to stay healthy and take care of the temple God has entrusted me. I will pray and encourage you too!