Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking Free

Who's in need of a Bible study? ME!!!
I found myself looking online for a summer study I could join and I thought why not just host one myself? Here's your invite Austin friends:

When? Monday mornings at 10AM Beginning June 6th
Where? My house
How much? $20.00. The member book is $14.95 (I will order in bulk) and the other $5.00 will go for healthy snacks and coffee for the duration of the study and for any taxes on the purchase of book.
What? Here is what Lifeway has to say about the study
"This in-depth women's Bible study draws parallels between the captive Israelites of the Old Testament and New Testament believers in Jesus as the Promised Messiah. Beth looks at the Book of Isaiah through the lives of the kings who ruled during the prophet's ministry. These kings exemplify many of the obstacles to freedom with which we must deal. Using Scripture to help identify spiritual strongholds in your life, no matter how big or small, Beth explains that anything that hinders us from the benefits of knowing God is bondage.

Join Beth Moore on a Bible journey unlike any other. God intends for you to know and believe Him, glorify Him, experience His peace, and enjoy His presence. Breaking Free is Beth's life message that she wants to share with you. Taped live at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, this study includes testimonies of how women like you have found freedom and have been delivered from personal captivity."

WHO's in?? This is not a closed event and ALL (ladies) are welcome! Lets break free from things that hinder us ONCE AND FOR ALL!


  1. I wish I lived closer and could join!

  2. How many weeks? I'm interviewing for a job next week and I think it starts in July but I'm not sure.

  3. I'll have both kids all summer and I can't afford a babysitter every week. Its not in our budget for this summer. I'll be more likely to get into a bible study during the fall when Nate has "Mother's Day Out" twice a week and all I have is Lexie. MDO is in the budget for Fall.

  4. I want to, but already know of 3 Mondays I will miss.

  5. I would sooooooo love to come to this, but I am at work at that time. Bless you Jenny for having a heart willing to organize this.

  6. If only I didn't live in Indiana! Beth Moore has some awesome Bible studies. :)

  7. i want to do this with you. is ok that i will miss the first 2 meetings? I will be out of town for the first 2 times.

  8. That sounds awesome! Hosting an online bible study would be cool because I too live too far away. Sounds like a great project though, Beth Moore is awesome.

    You asked about the 31 Days to Clean challenge on my blog Tales from a Mother. Sorry it's taken so long to contact you. It is an e-book by Sarah Mae that challenges you to clean your house but more importantly clean you soul and makes you stop and think why you do things so you can do them joyfully. You can read more on my blog including the links to the challenge host and to the book. It all starts here:
    Then you can see my updates on it from there.