Friday, October 1, 2010

Shiner Boy

As of tonight we have a 3 year old Orange male cat named Stetson.
A 2 year old female tabby cat we call LuLu or LuLeeLu.
A Chocolate female lab named Belle but I call her Belly-Brown most days.
A black male lab named Shiner. Shiner Boy

You might remember my previous post about PETS where I cried about not knowing what to do with a baby, business, and 4 pets. On Tuesday we made the decision that we should give the dogs to new homes. I think I cried the WHOLE day with the exception of a 2 hour meeting where I HAD to maintain my composure. I love all of my animals so very much but I never thought I could feel this way about a dog (or two). I asked several ladies and fellow bloggers for prayer in this situation and I think it ended up just right. On Tuesday I posted a post on Facebook stating that I needed to find a home for 2 wonderful labs. By the end of the day I had 6 people who wanted Shiner and 1 that wanted both. Of course we thought the one that wanted both was the best scenario. I cried and cried and cried and here is how Wednesday played out:

7:00 AM- I receive a facebook message and a text from my mom wanting Shiner
9:00AM- I text her back and tell her that he already has a home
9:00AM-6:30PM- I cry off and on all day and beg Kyle to let us at least keep Belle
6:30PM-guy from day before calls and says he doesn't think its the right time for 2 dogs
6:45PM- Kyle comes in from working with Belle in the yard (she will be a wonderful bird dog for him) and he says, "if we can find a home for Shiner we can keep Belle..she's amazing"
7:00- I call my mom who squeals in delight. Shiner will be moving in with her tomorrow.

Please do not think that this is an easy thing for me at all. I have been sitting with him all evening (he's at my feet now) telling him how much I just love him. He is such a special dog and I know he will be a HUGE blessing to my single mom. She is so very excited. She told me that every time we come to visit her we can bring Belle and every time she comes to see us she will bring Shiner. I am so glad that he gets to remain as part of my family and that he will get to be a blessing for my mom.

I will leave you tonight on a happy note. I just got back from a trip to Hobby Lobby for fall decorations. I ended up with a $4.21 purchase of small items for Kennedy's nursery :)

Did you think to pray?

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