Friday, October 1, 2010


"Rocktober" is what we FHTM reps are calling the month of October because we just found out that it now only costs $99 to sign up and become a rep with FHTM!! This is a big deal and will help a lot more people find financial freedom! We are having a record first day of the month and I am so excited!!

In other news I have decided to delete my registry with Pottery Barn. Though I love love love that store I do not want to wait for the bedding and furniture there that is on back order until JANUARY 15th. Seriously? I'll go elsewhere. I am such a planner and if I don't have her nursery set up by December-ish I won't feel right. So, Kyle and I set out this morning to find new bedding and a new crib for Miss K.
We are now registered at BuyBuyBaby and Target and we expect delivery of the above crib in 6-8 weeks. I LOVE IT!!!
This is the new bedding and room decor that we have picked for Miss K. I am so excited to start decorating her room and thankful for Shelli Beck, my mom, and mother-in-law for offering to help put the nursery together. All are welcome in this endeavor.

What I'm Looking Forward to This Month
  • October 2nd- I am helping Dani throw Whitney her Bachelorette/lingerie party
  • October 3rd- making a run to Houston to drop off Shiner dog at his new home with my mom. I will write another post about this later but I am so happy for him and her!
  • October 9th- Beth's baby shower in Kyle, TX
  • October 10th- Whitney and Casey's wedding!
  • October 15th- Doublers dinner with our company and company founder Paul Orberson in San Marcos, TX
  • October 16th- Lexus in Texas event in San Marcos. Advanced FHTM training with Paul Orberson
  • October 20th- baby check up and glucose screening with Dr Rutter & start of my 3rd Trimester (Thanks Stephanie and Jenny H)
  • October 22nd-23rd- WOMEN OF FAITH in San Antonio


  1. I really like the bedding you picked out for Kennedy. It's super cute :)...I know she'll love it. They have so much more girl stuff then boy stuff.

    Hope you are taking care of yourself, the third trimester is a blessing but with it comes a lot of extra pains and things aren't as easy as they are in the second. The third trimester starts at 28 weeks though :).


  3. That was one of my favorites for the nursery when I was pregnant with my little miracle! ;)