Monday, January 26, 2009

Matter of the Heart

My half marathon on Sunday made me cry. I was feeling strong through mile 8 when all of the sudden my heart rate jumped well above 200 beats per minute. Sara (the running partner) stopped to walk with me for about a minute and when we started to run again I could only run for about 2 minutes before my heart rate was right back up again. We walked again and I had to continue this walk/run pattern well toward the finish. At mile ten I told Sara to go on without me and she asked me if I was sure. (As you may remember from the 20 mile race entry, I had to run off without Sara at mile 18 of that race.) That's when I began to cry. I felt so confused and frustrated. How could I have done so well at the 20 mile race and then my heart rate had to go and do THIS at a 13.1 mile race? I was crying because I was frustrated and also because I was scared. Yes, I probably should NOT have even thought about having enchiladas and chips and hot sauce the night before--but Christina was in town. Yes, I should not have had the cup of coffee I had before my race but I only got 5 hours of sleep. SOOOOO you see..there were 3 things that I did wrong that I am hoping contributed to the terrible 13.1 miles. 
2. didn't sleep much
3. coffee??? 
I did some research and according to the American Heart Association an increase in heart rate can be because of anxiety, caffeine, alcohol, and hereditary. I will be sure to stay off of all of the above until after my race. I have been drinking a lot of coffee lately. 
Please pray that I will continue my marathon training without fear and that I will continue to make the right food choices. If this situation occurs at the marathon there is no way I will finish. I was only able to keep running this time because I knew I only had 5 miles left. If that happens to me at mile 8 of the marathon I will still have 18.2 miles to run. 
Thank you to each of you for your support and encouragement. 

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  1. You can do ! You have addressed the problem and mistake admitted it now move on. It will make you more determined to finish stronger at the next one. I believe in you!