Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Explosions in the Sky

Have you heard of them? They have the most amazing music and have helped to calm my spirit tonight. Take the time to find and listen to their song called, "Your Hand in Mine". There are no words to their songs just beautiful music. Somehow this song has happened to grab at me and is exactly how I am feeling today. I am safest when my hand is in the hands of the Lord. 
I have realized in the past few weeks that there is a huge hunger in my heart for revival. I do not want to wander an inch from what it is that He wants me to do and what He is calling of me. I have the biggest passions in me and things that I know that God has placed in me to accomplish and follow through with. Specific in nature it is comforting to know that he already knows the way that I will choose and ultimately no matter what distractions come my way He and I both know that I am best with My hand in His. The song has given me peace tonight. He leads. 

Heavenly Father, I lay out my fleece. I pray that you would lead me. I pray that you would eliminate any distractions that hinder me from my purpose. I know that you created me for Your purpose and pleasure. I know that You are most glorified in me when I am satisfied with You and You alone. I cannot be out of Your will for my life. I confess that I have been lukewarm and living in fear and I pray for victory. 

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  1. Using my words! Laying out your fleece and God answered and answered quickly. I have seen you grow in your faith so much since you started your running. Keep it up.