Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 Car Family

Some of you know that we sold our Mazda 3 to my inlaws to replenish our emergency fund after Miss K's hospital bill. I can't express how freeing it has become to have one car (for now) and we may just stick with this a while. I haven't posted much about my 333 project but I have found it freeing and helpful in refocusing LOTS of wasted energy on more important things. I will post pictures. I now have an almost empty dresser and closet and feel lighter. We've even dabbled with the idea of moving to the condo next door which has a much better floor plan and 2 bedrooms. Simplify is 2011's word for our family. Debt Free in 2011 is our plan. I have a twin day bed for sale along with a full bed(room) set, clothes, a TV, books, cluttering home decor, and much much more. Come over and get a deal! I have always had a sense that stuff would not fulfill but taking action of decluttering has brought a depth to my spiritual life that I cannot express (at this time).

Tonight I am thankful!


  1. Proud of you!
    I need your help with my blog!

  2. love it! i hope someday we can live somewhere that allows us to go down to one car or no car!