Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's Get Organized

I have been looking online for a 30 day list to get my home in order by doing a little bit of organization every day. The idea is that by the end of 30 days my home would be in much better shape than the previous 30 days and our family would be well on our way to clutter free(ish).
**I realized this morning that Kennedy Kate has 23 stuffed animals already. TWENTY-THREE. Is she too young to give some of those away ?? YIKES! (5 of these are cute little Easter bunnies)

Since my online search for "30 days to clutter free" did not turn up any schedule I could live with I have compiled my own:

  1. Linen closet(s):
  2. Under sinks: bathroom(s), kitchen, etc.
  3. Under beds: (this may not be an issue for your home but under the bed becomes a catch all for books, at our house..yuck) If you do not have a need to work on under the bed consider vacuuming under it :)
  4. Night Stands: clean em out, wipe em down, etc
  5. Master closet: see Project 333 for how I am reorganizing my wardrobe. It's been fun so far!
  6. Hall closet and/or storage closet
  7. Pantry
  8. Lower Kitchen cabinets
  9. Upper kitchen cabinets
  10. Entertainment center: If you do not have one just wipe down what your television sits on
  11. Laundry room:
  12. Desk, or filing cabinet: (whatever) but get those papers organized
  13. Office:
  14. Master bedroom: remove all clutter
  15. Bathroom drawers:
  16. Kid Closet #1 (if you do not have kids consider cleaning out guest room closets or going through your master closet again)
  17. Guest room closet or Kid's Closet #2
  18. Book Shelves
  19. Media Shelves
  20. Kitchen drawers: remove everything and wipe them down
  21. Catch-all console: you know: that one place where you enter your house and everything gets thrown
  22. Living room
  23. China Cabinet
  24. Boxes: for those of us who have moved in the last 1,2,3, years and STILL have those few unpacked boxes. GET. THAT. DONE.
  25. Kid's Dressers
  26. Master Dresser
  27. Garage (get your family involved)
  28. Garage continued (this could be a big step)
  29. Refrigerator
  30. Loft/playroom/extra bedroom
As an example for day 1: Linen Closet: I would: refold, replace old towels (if needed), reorganize, put any towels that are no longer functional (have holes or other issues) in pile to use for house cleaning, car drying, or to sale in garage sale. *Do what works for you!

**You can visit my friend Jill's THIRTY-ONE store to get ideas and purchase things for organization of your home**

I hope you find this functional. My advice is to not get hung up on the fact that you need to complete this list in 30 days time but use it as a guide. If it takes you 60 days to complete these tasks you will be much better off then living the next year in clutter. Happy deCluttering!