Thursday, January 20, 2011


I cried at today's baby appointment against all attempts to hold the tears in. Why do I feel disappointed when we have so much to be thankful for? STUPID! So, here's the news:
I am 1 cm dialted and my Dr. told me that I have the option of being induced on Tuesday, January 25th if Kennedy Kate hasn't made her arrival by then. She also added that her opinion is that it would be best to wait on my body.I won't lie. I'm considering induction. I have tried the following, suggested by people I know, things (im leaving out a few to spare you) to speed this process up:
  • spicy food
  • mexican food
  • walking..a lot
  • driving down a bumpy road
  • pedicures
  • chinese food (panda express)
  • walking up stairs
  • etc
AND..there's still 5 days til her due date! That's a lot of time for my body to do something!! Thank you for your prayers and for reading along. Just think, if this goes beyond her due date she just might be a February birthday girl like her momma and some other fabulous girls I know :)
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  1. how fun would it be to have another feb birthday girl!!??!

  2. I know how hard those last few days are. I wish I could give you the secret for surviving them but I went to the hospital w/both my boys HOPING I was in labor only to be sent home. Getting sent home is even more frustrating.