Friday, January 21, 2011

Tid Bits

  • After much prayer, consideration, and question asking we have scheduled an induction for Tuesday, January 25th. I check into the hospital on Monday night.
  • Today I got the need to clean which I hear is a good sign so maybe she will come this weekend!
  • This post is very random but I have some thoughts I just have to put down.
  • We are so ready to be parents (or as ready as we are going to be).
  • The last thing we have to do to get the nursery together is hang the curtains. We will complete this tonight.
  • I'm sad that my dog Belle will have to be at Big Oaks Kennels in Buda while we are at the hospital and bringing our girl home. Belle is the best dog and has become my little helper. I know she will be excited to meet Miss K.
  • We have the most wonderful team of people that we get to work with and are blessed that so many have offered to handle next weeks meetings and events with FHTM for us.
  • My mom will get to stay for a few days and help out once our baby girl arrives.
  • Whitney Carlson will come over and take newborn pictures.
  • You should follow my friend and business partner Micki Gram over at her blog. She is 23 and an amazing woman! I am so blessed to know her (and you'll be blessed too).
  • I have wonderful friends! Thanks and love to all of you!
  • Our church family is fabulous!
  • Our families are AMAZING! I can't wait for our parents to meet their new grand daughter.
  • I'm just ready!
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you Lord for all You've done!

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