Friday, August 27, 2010

What to Do?

Lately it seems that all that has been on my mind is baby. There are so many things that I feel need to be accomplished before she gets here (its fun to be able to say "she" instead of "it") and I feel overwhelmed at times. Here are some of those things:
  1. I want $10,000 plus in an emergency fund
  2. but I want to keep working on our debt snowball but think saving is more important
  3. she needs a dresser? Of course she does! Why didn't I think of this? Thank you Jami
  4. Pet hair. We have 4 pets and I've had it with the hair. Does anyone want a Stetson, LuLu, Shiner, or Belle (JK) but Shiner and Belle are getting a HUGE NEATO dog house ASAP. I don't need labs sleeping in my house.
  5. My husband and I own our own business and I am the main presenter. What will we do once the baby is here? I think our team should get used to web presentations STAT! :) Kyle is awesome at presentations too so I am so blessed that we get to work together. We make a great team.
  6. Which brings me to #6. Dreaded number six. Who's that girl that is now behind 4 months in receipts for our books for taxes? It's me! It's me! (insert Spartan cheer voice there). Can you believe it? I think I swore HERE that I would NEVER let that happend again! How does this happen? I think I need to hire help on this one :) who likes to organize and has patience (with me)? and wants to make $10 an hour and $100 when spreadsheets are complete? I'm serious!! The little print on receipts makes me CRAZY!
  7. Im just gonna throw this out there because well, you might have some words of encouragement: I know. I know. Im pregnant but will my body that ran a marathon ever come back? Thank the Lord for BFF's who are personal trainers (Christina Joy Coleman) You will be on duty the DAY Dr. Rutter says you can be :)
  8. Will I be a good mommy? She's gonna need shoes, socks, outfits, food, diapers and changes, lots of my milk, advice, cuddles, birthday parties (im not creative), etc.
  9. Please please let her be healthy Lord!!
I know that there is more but I don't want you to think I am wallowing. I am just VERY goaly, planny, controlly (i know), and I want everything just right. So here is my prayer and I ask that you would pray with me:

Lord God,
Thank You that You know all outcomes of all things and that You knew of Kennedy Kate before I was born! You blow me away Lord! I am in complete awe that you are knitting Your little princess together inside of ME! You know my heart and my desire is to know You more and I already think I do by this little one inside. Thank You that I don't have to be anxious about anything but that I can make my requests known to You. Thank you for the amazing family and church family you have surrounded me with in this time of great change and adjustment. Thank You Lord that you provide perfectly, are all things, and that You love me. Thank You that you take care of ALL.


  1. First....Priorities. What is most important to you and tackle it, one step at a time.

    Second: You will be a great Mommy as long as you center yourself around Christ...and you do that!

    Thirdly: You are still in your twenties! This is your first pregnancy! Yes. You will get your body back to "normal" as long as you work at it, which I have no doubt!

    Fourthly: The Nursery will come in due time. No need to worry. You are already working on it, planning it. You have 5 more months until this baby is born. Plenty of time! We bought all our furniture by the 7 month and had it up in the nineth month. :) I got to enjoy it for two weeks before Nate came. Do not stress!!

    And Lastly....LOVE YA!

  2. Congrats on the baby GIRL! She's going to be one awesome 400M runner! :)

    If you're willing to mail the receipts to ND, I'm willing and able to help out with that! I've been looking for a job for 4 months now...and I also need a good excuse to stop unpacking boxes! :)

    So excited for y'all!! Talk to you soon!

  3. Way to push ALL of that into God's hands! :) Best place for it... he is ABLE.. he is PRESENT... he is ALL KNOWING... love you

  4. I hear ya on the book keeping! I'm so behind on my Quicken entries...ugh. You are going to be such a sweet mommy and I can't wait to meet your little girl! Praying for you!

  5. Ok here goes!
    These are normal thoughts! I use to wake up with nightmares that I would forget to feed the baby, when I was pregant. Haha little did I know that they would not let me do that. I went through the dog hair thing and Scarlett became an outside dog. Darin and I have alway been behind on our taxes. Hince last years taxes are still at the tax guys office. Call Susan about the book keeping she is looking for a job like that.
    You grow as they grow. That is why God gives us 9 months of being pregnant. You grow with them on each stage. Just like you learned to be a good wife. The body thing. Your in your 20's! Your body will go back. I lost all the baby weight and then some in my 30's. You can do it and run another marathon pushing a jogging stroller which you are welcome to! Girl present with a baby on your hip. I have taught a skincare class with Madie in my lap and did three interviews with her this week sitting with me. It makes you even more relateable to people. They see you doing it with a baby and it make you even more relatable. You have an awesome husband who I know is going to be such a helper.

  6. So many things to think about!! I have had a lot of people recommend IKEA to us for baby furniture if you don't mind putting it together yourself. They have a great selection and great prices! So glad you are coming to our shower, it will be awesome to see you again! So excited for you, Kyle and Kennedy (love the name)! Hope you're doing well :)

  7. Lucky for you you have a sister-in-law who is creative and probably missed her calling to be a party planner. I have the birthday parties taken care of.