Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cold Front?

Is this fall I feel? I woke up this morning around 9:00 to walk Belle who was spayed on Monday. She is still a bit groggy so we didn't get far but THANK YOU LORD for a cool(ish) breeze and the smell of fall!! I am dreaming of pumpkins, scarecrows, pumpkin bread, football, cornbread, chili...

What makes you happy about fall? Since lil miss (which is what I will call our baby girl until we pick a name) will be here in January I have never been more ready to get the move on with the seasons.

Thank you Lord for the bit of relief in the weather today. Thank you that you are in all things and are all things and that you hold me and kyle and lil miss in your hands. Thank you for the seasons and how you bring newness.


  1. I am loving the coldfront! I just wish it would stay a while.

  2. I didn't realize you lived in Austin...the hubbs and I just move to NYC from Austin about 5 months ago! We loved it there and miss it very much....we miss the summer heat there not so much!!

    Yeah for cold fronts!!