Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lighten Up!!!

So the brown hair is lightening up and I think I like it even more! Not too light and not too dark. So in going with the theme of color 'o hair, I would like to throw out a few things that have helped to "lighten" the weight of this world AND *sigh* breathe.

Kyle and I had the opportunity to have dinner with Paul Orberson who is the founder of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. He was with another network marketing company in the early 90's called Excel Communications and with that company he became the most successful network marketer in network marketing history. He told us stories of how hard his first few years with excel were. He spoke of people he truly cared about speaking ill against his choice of work, he spoke of friends and family who said it could not be done, he spoke of prayers all alone believing that the Lord had set this task before him, he spoke of sleepless nights, empty bank accounts, and worry, and strife. He also spoke about victory, perseverance, what it feels like to fight, what it means to take the road less traveled, how is feels to be able to give. The most profound thing he said (which I believe might have changed me for life) is when he looked us straight in the eye and said, "you don't need any one's blessing over your life...if you are seeking someones blessing you are allowing them to play God in your life. The only blessing you need is from the one up above" This was pretty profound for a girl who tends to people please! It gets to me when I hear that family thinks I'm crazy or I do not feel that I get the accolades I deserve (its the truth). 

Lord Jesus
I thank you that my hope is in You Lord and in Your word! I thank You that we do not need to seek earthly approval because You approve of me! Thank you that I am blessed, chosen, adopted, accepted, redeemed, and forgiven but thank You Lord the most that You Love me. Thank You that You died on the cross for my transgressions and knew You had to do that from the time You came down to win. I deserve nothing but hell. Thank you that those who hope in the Lord will find new strength. Thank you that we will walk and not grow weary. Thank you that we will run and not faint. Thank You that you keep me grounded. Thank you that you help me throw off anything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. Help me fix my eyes on YOU Jesus the AUTHOR and PERFECTER of faith! I praise You Jesus for all you've done!!!!!!

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