Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Checking In

Get it?!? Checking in? Its been over a week since I told you about my 10K and all of the races to come. I wanted to share with you what occurred to me during our small group class this past Sunday. 
We were discussing Romans 5 and talked about how we have been set free but don't know how to live the life of freedom. If we really grasped how free we are in Christ we would have a skip in our step. I think a lot of times we all want a quick fix (I'm guilty of it about my morning coffee) but what God wants us to realize is that some of the darkest stuff in our lives, (sin, addiction, etc.) needs to be completely transformed. Not just bandaided (word?). So, when I am struggling with something I try to fix it by having a goal: "Tomorrow I will absolutely positively not ever gossip again" the problem with this is that the second that I fail I feel shame  and guilt and darn if if I don't have to start right back over again. So then I say, "no, tomorrow I will not struggle with comparing myself to those stupid skinny airbrushed ladies that plague billboards and magazines (most recently a TV commercial during prime time). Then when I find myself struggling again...dang it! I know "I" can do this. BUT!!!!! Oh YEAH! I am redeemed! Chosen! Adopted! Forgiven! Cleansed! Set Free! and I can't do anything! Only He can. Can anyone sense my sense of urgency on this? So here's what I'm saying:
We gotta strive every single day to know Him more. We have to have the sword of the spirit (His word) always on our minds and on our lips. We need to check in with Him daily and see where we are at. A lot of times my only prayer is for Him to, "Search my heart and see if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting" Psalm 139:24 Do not give up hope for He is light in the darkest places of you. Do not lose heart. I urge all of us (myself included) to seek Him fervently every moment of every single day. He is all we need and more than enough for me!

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  1. Preach it! I like that He is the light in the darkest place of me...