Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food Logs

I've been trying real hard to control what I eat but am struggling...terribly! I can work out every day but feel I "deserve" ice cream from sonic after a long run because hey..it was a long RUN!...

Here are some other foods that I have a hard time resisting...

Yes, the abover are Miss Ruby's Ya Ya peppers and YES I ate a whole lot of them on Saturday with a whole lot of Cream Cheese. 

I would like to thank Jenny H for helping me to be aware of every bite that I eat every day...totally not in an obsessed kind of way. Just an aware kind of way. Maybe soon I will be able to write that it helps. I have lost 4 pounds though!!! WHOO HOOO!!


  1. HA. That makes me sound a little psycho.... It's just a food log, people! :)

  2. Oh, boy. Do I ever relate with you. I have that same "I deserve" this attitude. I don't think it's working for me. At all.