Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stepping Up

I'm really excited about launching me (but it's not about me) Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere with FHTM I just got an idea on a run and I've decided to go with it. Today I launched a "social media & your business" class in Austin and 30 people SHOWED UP!!!! So I guess the official launch of Jenny Childress Communications is launched. AND several people asked if I would be willing to work with them individually on branding themselves through social media sites! So fun! Please pray! I was frustrated one day because I want to be crafty and make stuff and earn money by doing my talent like many of my friends do (but I'm in NO WAY crafty) and I heard a voice deep inside say, "you're real good at talking. And inspiring. And Facebook. Why not?" and I went with it. I'm also in the process of working on my very first short book for Jenny Childress Ministries because let's face it: I was called to ministry in the fall of 2003 and I can't ignore that call anymore! God has awoken my soul and set my feet upon a rock and I'm just thrilled about this life I'm called to.

"I will rise when You call my name. No more sorrow no more pain I will rise on eagles wings. Before my God fall on my knees and rise" -Chris Tomlin

Please pray!

And this girl is cute in a Christmas hat :)

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