Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Quick Trip

A quick trip to Houston with Kennedy Kate on Monday did my soul good. The book I've been working on is my testimony and I've learned that to move forward in complete freedom I've gotta deal with some stuff instead of my normal (unhealthy) mindset of "Gotta Run" (see the blog title really does need some changing). So I thought and prayed some things out and im taking some steps I'll fill you in on soon.
Kennedy loved visiting with her Grandma, aunt Lindsey, cousins Landon, Valentina, & Alek, Aunt Candy, & great grandma & grandpa. She's such a trooper and didn't get grumpy at all. It was a quick trip that ended with me taking Lindsey and Landon to my dads in Seguin and I loved every second. Today we celebrate all that is Christmas with my dad and step mom Diane. Can't wait!

"Hope is here!
Shout the news to everyone
It's a new day peace has come
Jesus saves"
-Lyrics from Jeremy Camp Jesus Saves

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