Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Little Update

So majority rules and the new blog title will be "Life on Purpose". Now I guess I better start living purposefully ;)

I told myself that if I lost all baby weight by Breaking Dawn opening night I could go see it opening night. Not only did I hit my goal but I passed it up! The day I went to have Kennedy I weighed 212. I got stuck at 177 for about 6 months and finally got sick of it. I weighed 160 the day I found out I was pregnant with miss K and Thursday I weighed in at 157.2! I haven't weighed that since marathon February 2009. Yay! So I went at midnight to see Breaking Dawn and celebrated with Diet Coke. Yum!

FHTM has now added electricity and gas to our product line! So exciting!

Our Houston team is launched and we have added a weekly meeting there to our line up! So excited that I'll be able to see my mom on a weekly basis now.

Landon and Lindsey are spending a week with us.

Kennedy got one of her top teeth

I guess that's it for now! Here are some pics :)

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