Thursday, August 25, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Belle is our *chocolate dog. She is a Labrador retriever and too smart for her own good. I always said I would NEVER have an inside dog but please remember that I also said I would NEVER live in Austin, date or marry a Marine, be in a network marketing company, or *weigh over 200 pounds. It seems to me that all things that I nevered have worked out pretty well for me.

Belle's full name is Jingle Belle because she was born on Christmas day. She will be 2 this Christmas.
She takes wonderful care of her sister KK and runs up and down the stairs if I don't go "fetch" our crying baby fast enough for her.
She's always smiling
and gentle if I get sad and need a friend
She's always ready for a run.

and I know she will be loyal to the end:

*chocolate dog- our nephew Landon calls her a chocolate dog and thinks it is so funny
*200- I weighed in at 212 the day that I was checked into the hospital to have Kennedy Kate :)


  1. Oh my goodness, that video gave me chills. That poor dog. I mean yes, I feel for the friends and family left behind of course. But the story is about the dog and oh my gosh, how sad.

  2. That video makes me cry. How sweet and touching! Belle sounds like a great dog!!!! That video made me love our dog even more!