Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Call to Action

I had to reschedule my Saturday hair appointment due to training so yesterday AM I looked like this.
And while I was sitting there they brought me this. And said, "would you like a complimentary hand massage?" YES!!!!!! Can I have seconds? On both? Did I mention that Toni at Prodedgy is AMAZING!
I then Totally fell in love with this wall at a home meeting. Love it! Want it!
Not 100% on these statistics but I read this and felt so so so blessed and wanting to be even more intentional about giving of my time, money, and resources.

Soon after reading this I found out some information that hit me like a ton of bricks. It stopped my consuming day right in it's tracks. I don't need a plate wall anymore and my highlights could have waited Has that ever happened to you? A friend (who is very very near and dear to our hearts) called me crying and told me that her family has lost almost everything (the church they started, their home, business, ect) due to the economy. If you are wanting to give monetarily or foodly Please Please email me at and I will let you know what specifically they need. *she didn't ask me for anything but prayer but I can't just sit here and pray*
Hearing things like this makes me so grateful for what we have and willing to sacrifice any of my needs or think I needs to help someone out. Are you moved to help today?

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