Wednesday, September 15, 2010


  • Kennedy Kate is weighing in at approximately 13 ounces and appears to have all of her fingers, her brain and heart are normal. She has everything she is supposed to!
  • We are finished registering. We have decided to keep it simple for everyone and have only registered at 2 places. Target & Pottery Barn Kids I am really confused about diaper sizes so I haven't registered for those but all/any diapers are VERY MUCH appreciated :)
  • My sister Lindsey had an interview yesterday in Big Spring, Texas for a Kindergarten teaching job and was called in today for a second interview. I am SO excited for her and praying for a new start and new job. She should know something by Friday so please pray for her.
  • My favorite show of the year is over until next summer. Big Brother was great this year! One of my favorite seasons by far! The next time it comes on I will have a 6 month old child..yikes :)
  • I am getting more and more excited about Casey and Whitney's wedding which is on 10-10-10. I am honored that she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I can't wait to pick up my dress.
  • On Friday I am riding with my dad to San Angelo to get Landon and then on to Roscoe, TX to watch the Fightin' Roscoe Plowboys in Friday night football. I'm excited because my granddaddy "snowflake" (He's one of a kind) used to be the voice of Plowboy football and he will be announcing this game because it is homecoming. Go Purple and White!
  • I FINALLY remembered to buy ink for our printer, got home printed about 10 copies and paper. haha. Why does stuff like this happen?
  • I'm reading "Safe People" by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. Crystal gave me this book over a year ago and I couldn't get past the first few chapters (im weak like that) but I am now determined to know who I should be around and who I need to be to glorify God in my relationships. I want to be a better version of me. It's not an easy read or much for pleasure. It's real dig down and get out the filth stuff. I challenge each of you to pick up this book. You can read over a summary of part 1 here
  • I love my husband
  • I love what we have the privledge of doing with our days
  • I am better than I deserve.


  1. Nice "Ramblings". LOL. I am sooo happy that KK is all well. Oh and diapers.........well, it don't matter what you get. All diaper sizes will be used. But an FYI: Very first size is a "N" which is for newborns. Then it goes to size 1 and up. The diaper sizes depends on the weight of the child, which you can find on the package.

    I need to re-read "Safe People". That book is amazing. I love you.

  2. I am better than I deserve too. :) love you

    Thank you, GOD, for the constant grace you dump on us...we are so humbled!