Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Just Might Need Some Prayers..

I'm going to preface this post by saying that I DO NOT want your advice ;) I say that with all of the love in the world. I just need a place to vent and ask for prayer. I'm writing this post through tears
  1. because I'm pregnant
  2. because I NEVER thought I would ever think such a thing it goes. Please pray about what to do with our 4 (yes 4) pets. The bigger I get the more I think I just won't be able to handle 2 cats and 2 dogs when the baby gets here. Do I keep one of each, all, get rid of all?? I just LOVE each of these animals. (don't answer above question because I don't want advice remember?!? I'm venting)

Oh Dear Lord,
I need your wisdom in this. I give You anxiety. I give You my fear. I give You my hormones. Thank You that You already know how things turn out. Thank You for knowing my heart and just how much I love each of our precious pet babies. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me in this.

*READERS: Thank you for not thinking im crazy and for not giving me advice and for praying with me on this. I appreciate yall so much!


  1. Praying with you that God helps you find the right answer! We all know he will, but we also know it may not be the answer we want at the moment!

    I know about this too well! I had a pet baby too and when I was pregnant with my first child I had to ask God the same question!

    Hope you have a wonderful week and that you find peace with your decision.