Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Word Sunday

Due date is January 25th. Yep im about to start my 7th week of pregnancy.. YEEE!!!
Visit the top right corner (right under my blog title) and vote in my poll!! WILL WE HAVE a Boy or a Girl?? SO EXCITING!!!


  1. Congrats Jenny! I'm so happy for both you and Kyle. :D

  2. yay!!!!!!! i'm so happy for y'all! that's so exciting. praise God for new life and for this new adventure for you and kyle!
    we need to get together sometime soon. i miss you!!!

  3. SOOOO excited! You are going to be great parents. Kyle has always been so great with my kids since they were all babies! I love how he held Madie the night she was born before you could get her. My kids thought it was neat you told them they were going to have cousins.

  4. Ahh!!! Congratulations! Have you heard of the blog that the prego woman shared what she went through... and explained it in quite a sarcastic yet relatetable (is that a word) manner? can't remember the name... ?