Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol

I don't watch much TV but some would argue that the TV that I do watch is L.A.M.E. I am an unapologetic American Idol fan and I don't care who knows it! I also enjoy watching Big Brother in the summer and Spurs basketball. Oh, and Modern Family :)

So, with that being said I have an announcement to make

I will be trying out for season 10 of American Idol

Thank you for all of your encouragement in advance :)


  1. Uh...WOW!!!!! Talk about a Surprise Bomb! I will support you. Just tell me when and I will pray. I am sure you will do good! Love ya!

  2. Wow, never saw that coming! Good luck and keep us updated. By the way- I love the new background.

  3. That was a cool surprise!

    Go Jenny!