Monday, May 31, 2010

Manly Monday

Ok, so this is pretty fun. Jenny asked me to tell you guys what my experience was when I found out we are expecting. We had just finished TEAMs (aka Bible Study) at our house on Sunday evening and we were somewhat winding down for the night. Jenny asked if we could run to the grocery store to get a pregnancy test because she had her suspicions, (which are not uncommon for her and usually I give her a hard time, because she usually suspects the most outlandish scenario, which I've come to realize has to do with estrogen). This was not the first time We've been through this either. So we got the test, came home and I went outside with the dogs for a bit while Jenny did her thing. While I was outside Jenny tapped on the window of the back door and lo and behold, I find out I'm apparently gonna be a daddy for the first time in my life. However, I can't honestly say I was instantly excited about what I was looking at, but more so in a state of surrealism and blunt shock. I mean think about it; I'm almost 31 years of age, I've wanted to be a daddy since I was about 5 years of age, and it's 2:00 in the morning by this point. As you might guess, we didn't sleep a wink that night. We first thought of who would be the first to know, then we went into the name game, then got the free "WHAT TO EXPECT" iPhone App and found out we were already about 5 weeks along. This is the stuff that most people do their whole lives and now we are actually getting to apply it in real life!

So we've known of the new addition to come for about a week now and I'm already in love with the little "blueberry" sized guy or gal. I know it's the size of a blueberry compliments of the "WHAT TO EXPECT" iPhone App. So yes, we've already been to Baby's R Us, yes we told our parents first, and yes I want the little Munchkin here right the heck now! Someone please tell me these next 8 months or so will fly by, because they really need to.

I'm eternally grateful that Jenny is my wife and that she is gonna be the mother of our children. There are simply too many superlatives to say about her right now to post in this blog. I'll let you guys do that based off what you already know about her. Here comes the truthful cliche: I love her and our extremely little one more than words could ever express. I now know more fully why Jesus died on the cross for his children. I would instantly do the same for mine. No questions asked.

I can't wait to see Jenny's belly grow with the passing days and to feel the little guy or gal moving and kicking on the wall of her stomach. I'll be taking lots of pictures of her as she grows and giving the the little one as many kisses as possible.



  1. You will be a great daddy and Jenny a great mommy! It will be so fun to watch the process. I pray it goes quickly yet safely!

  2. Oh my gosh! That brought tears to my eyes. Kyle you are going to be a great dad. I've watched you with each of my babies and you are wonderful with them. What a sweet post.

  3. Oh My goodness, Kyle and Jenny, you two are so precious. Kyle you are going to be a wonderful father, one who shows his child how to be tender but strong and Jenny, you are so giving and sweet and joyful, Your child will be blessed to call you "mommy and daddy." I am so happy for you both. No words can express what you feel in your hearts right now, and IT JUST GETS BETTER!!!! Love you guys,

  4. So sweet! Loved Kyle's post, thanks for sharing! Congrats!!

  5. Love this! You guys are gonna be rockin awesome parents.. I'm already so proud of you!

  6. Kyle, this is a great post. A baby is such a miracle and blessing, the best joy God has ever made!! I am very happy for the both of you!