Friday, May 14, 2010

About Today

Ten Things I Love About Today
  1. I woke to rain
  2. Spent some much needed quiet time with the Lord, while rain hit my windows
  3. Snuggling with my cat LuLu while I blog
  4. Watched "Say Yes to the Dress" with Kyle (he loves me)
  5. Going to see Robinhood at 5:25PM with my in-laws
  6. I lost 2 pounds (only 8 more to go until my goal)
  7. I sold 2 things on Ebay and made $125
  8. Meeting some friends at Waterloo Ice House for dinner tonight
  9. New blog backgrounds
  10. 2 wet Labrador puppies who jumped all over me :)



  1. Waterloo was fun! What did you sell? I have some stuff to sell and need to just list them.

  2. I sold 2 vera bradley bags and have 2 coach bags for sale still. You want one??