Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chosen...Marathon for Adoption

I am so glad that some of you are excited about the running schedule I posted. Feel free to start on which ever week you want to start on. I started on week 4 but I think it might have been a bit much for my knees so I will finish out the week on week 3's workout! Every 10 weeks I will post what we should be doing to get ready for the marathon. We have 9 months to train so make sure to take it easy if you feel ANY pain!! Here's to our Chosen... Marathon For Adoption Running Team!!! I hear that running for something bigger than yourself will help us complete our training and marathon!! If you would like to read and follow along with me for the remainder of our training together please buy the book posted below. If we follow coach Glover's lead we will all complete our October 23rd Marathon injury free!!


  1. I will read and follow along the blog. I want and will cheer for you and the team along!! I will also pray for ya'll. ***HUGS***