Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet Love

Thank you that Esther stepped up for, "such a time as this". She was afraid but believed and everything worked out beautifully because of her willingness to be used.

Thank you to my friend and business partner, Sandra Steen who said, "The end of the matter with God is always good ; so if it is not good it is not the end of the matter."

Thank you for MBC: My soul has been stirring since Sunday and I know that there is more that I can do. I will start by making it to the Prayer Team meeting tomorrow morning. I desire for 2010 to be the year that I grew spiritually.

Thank You for running. I feel like me again with my running shoes, ipod, and sun shine :)

Thank You for my husband! We are less than 2 months away from our 3rd wedding anniversary and I honestly did not think it was possible to love this much!!

Thank you Sweet Love that You are good and Your love endures!! Thank you Lord that when we wait on You and seek Your face it is good. I'm reminded of one of my favorite worship songs today and I am so thankful that you have put this song on my lips. Today I rest in You!


  1. I have the same desire for the year of 2010....for the rest of my life. To grow spiritually. To be a blessing in His eyes. However, with human flesh being so weak, I have to continully be reminded to REST IN HIM. That is always a constant in my every day life. To remind myself to rest in Him.

    I love you, Jenny. <3<3<3<3