Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14th, 2000

Yesterday was really significant. I soaked it all in and savored it for myself and the LOVE of my life. On June 14th, of 2000 I received Jesus as my savior and surrendered my life to Him for His use. I become restless because I long to be with Him. He has redeemed me, cleansed me, removed my sins, sacrificed, and taught me really hard lessons. I praise Him because He knows me. Every bit. I praise Him because He holds my future. Click HERE to hear a song of praise to Him.

Phil Wickham:
You wrote a letter and You signed Your name  I read ever word Read it page by page       You said that You’d be coming  Coming for me soon  Oh my God I’ll be ready for You   Chorus: (‘Cause) I want to run on greener pastures       I want to dance on higher hills      I want to drink from sweeter waters       In the misty morning chill        And my soul is getting restless      For the place where I belong       I can’t wait to join the angels and sing my heaven song   Verse 2:  I hear Your voice and I catch my breath  Well done my child enter in, in rest  As tears of joy roll down my cheek         Oh it’s beautiful beyond my wildest dreams  Chorus x2    


  1. Happy B-lated Anniversary!!!!! My sister in Christ! LOVE YOU!!

  2. Jenny, Stumbled upon your blog.
    I am also a runner, and a lover of Jesus :)
    Loving that you just had your anniversary or as I call it, my birthday. I met Him on June 24th, 2000....
    Yeah for M90X :) Is this your first marathon?