Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Kyle and I made a trip to Hico, TX to have dinner with Christina and Michael and to show Michael more information on our business. We had a great time of fellowship and fun! Here are a few highlights of the trip:
I don't remember the name of this store but this is the second floor of it. It is an antique store on the first floor and a restaurant/relaxing sitting area on the second floor. I LOVED the feel of this historic place and would love to make a trip to shop on a Saturday. That door in the far back left is where Michael has his office for his website business. WHAT a joy to have an office in a quaint place like this! I. LOVED.IT!!!

On our way out we stopped at a gas station and to our surprise we found DUBLIN DR. PEPPER with the fountain drinks! That's how close we were! I don't even drink soda but I indulged in one of these and it was amazing!
One of my favorite things about what Kyle and I get to do is all of the places we are able to see. I don't know if I would have ever found this little joy of Hico, TX but I think I almost convinced Kyle that we could move there after only spending 3.5 hours in the place. I am most definitely a country girl. On our way back to the city lights of Austin it was great to be able to enjoy every star in the sky on our 3 hour drive! What an amazing time!

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