Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 Days!

Don't worry. I never wear shorts that short when I run! Doesn't she look uncomfortable? I wanted to let you readers know (for accountability purposes only) that I will be training for the San Antonio marathon that will be held on November 15th. This time my goal is to get my time under 5 hours. The training starts up the first week in May so I have started working out again and am motivated. This is my 4th day in a row that I have worked out. I went to a body pump weight lifting class on Sunday in New Braunfels with my friend Andrea and it kicked my butt. Monday I went running for 20 minutes. Tuesday I went to pilates at Addy's house. Wednesday (today) I ran/walked for 35 minutes. Tomorrow is pilates. Friday is running and pilates all of you who think you might want to run a marathon you are more than welcome to join me. Our first long run will be on Saturday May 2nd and will consist of running 10 minutes/2 minutes walking and then repeat. That's it! Then we will slowly work up to that marathon! Come on! Give me a taker...anybody?


  1. Gosh Jenny, thanks so much for the invite but unfortunately I'll have to decline this time. (Insert sarcasm right before the 1st "G" and continue throught the ".")

  2. OMG- you're almost at 100 hits! :D

  3. Jenny! So I have had this urge lately to run a marathon...or at least a half marathon. :) I read your blog a while ago right after your marathon and almost came to tears reading it! It was so inspiring! Is there any way we can join together as accountability training partners? I guess it will have to be via email because I'm 1200 miles away! If the first workout is only a 10 minute run with a 2 minute walk, then I am SO in! Lately, I've been going on 20-25 minute runs, just trying to work my way up! There is a marathon at the Colorado National Monument in November (??) that I was considering (or possibly just the half). I just need a buddy!!