Saturday, April 18, 2009


The Lord has been spending some time with me. He's called me to His word with a new passion and thirst. I haven't blogged much of substance lately because of trying to process all I am learning. It all started on Easter Sunday. Kyle and I visited my old church in New Braunfels called Oakwood Baptist Church with my mom and I heard the most profound/simple/no brainer-why didn't I think of that sermon I have ever heard. I am walking in a new found freedom that began with the completion of that marathon in February. I have been trying to figure out how to write about the sermon that I heard on Easter Sunday but I have decided that Pastor Ray Still said it like I could never phrase in my little blog. I urge each of you to take 30 minutes by yourself and listen to the sermon that is posted on their website from Easter. Click on this link CAVES and listen. Bottom line: God does some of His best work in caves. Caves are typically dark and places where I can imagine one might feel really lonely if in them alone. Pastor Ray asked the congregation to think about some caves that we have been in in our lives. I immediately thought of the 5 year cave that I have just emerged from. The one I have been in from the time that I found out my parents were getting divorced in the summer of 2003. The one that left me depressed, insecure, needy, rebellious, and darn right down and angry. The cave changed me in so many ways and many of them I thought were for the worst. He preached about David and the caves he hid in throughout 1 Samuel. I could feel the tears welling up. I could feel my spirit shaking. It hit me before Pastor Ray could even say the words. "He lived. He died. He said in 3 days He would rise." THOSE 3 DAYS WHERE WAS JESUS???? a cave. "YOU DID...YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!" Praise Him!!! God does His best work in caves. He rose Jesus from the dead for our sins and now He sits at the right hand of The Father in Heaven and He intercedes for us!!! I am thankful for the caves in my life. I am thankful that God draws us closer to Him through brokenness and also for JOY! You see! There are caves of Joy and Harvest too. They are coming and have arrived and that is the hope that I cling to! I know somebody wants to shout glory!!!

Father God we praise You because You are mighty to save. We praise You because You know how it all ends. We praise You because when we have heartache You know what You are doing. We praise You because we have joy because of the hope only You can bring. I am so thankful for how You move and speak and heal. I love You. 

Just listen to the sermon. Its way better than this blog...


  1. Glory! I will listen this week to that message. I needed to hear that. Miss talking with you.

  2. I think that is Amazing! I am so glad that God spoke to you through the pastor. And PRAISE God for you mother!!!!! Like Nocona....Miss talking with you too.

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