Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kelly Paige Childress

I didn't think that I needed another sister. Lindsey Kay Ratliff was good enough for me. When I married Kyle I got another one and her name is Kelly. Kelly and I have grown very close over the last few months since she is back in the area. She consistently makes me laugh and is a true joy to be around. I am very thankful for Kelly and especially for what she did last night. 

Let me begin.....

Once upon a time Kyle and I were called to a home in New Braunfels to do a meeting for 6 people who were ready and willing to see what we do. Upon arrival at 4:30 four out of the six had cancelled so I ended up presenting to the other two with promises that more would be arriving. Approximately 5 hours later I received a text from my mother-in-law that simply said, "CALL ME NOW!!!" So, I stepped into the other room (even though no meetings were taking place and we were basically wasting time) and found out that Miss Kelly had locked herself out of her house and that we were the closest ones who could come to the rescue. We came to the rescue yes we did. I have never in all of our 18 months of being in the business seen Kyle pack up his stuff so fast. We were looking for a way out of there and Kelly provided it. 

Within 40 minutes we were standing at 114 Phalarope. 10 minutes later Kyle was climbing through a window and saved the day for Kelly. Kyle was/is our hero. Kelly is my sister! We all had a laugh! 

We are family! 


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