Sunday, September 2, 2012

Friday Recap

My pictures are all out of order but I think I will still be able to document Friday's excitement nonetheless: 

FHTM Founder Paul Orberson speaks to the Tom Waggoner team at our Team Rally on Friday night! His tips were to do a little bit extra and to save your money. He recommended putting a dollar in a shoe box in the morning and at night to start disciplining yourself to save. I share my money saver box soon! 

Kyle, Me, Tom & Diana Waggoner. This was right before they got inducted as Presidential Ambassadors with FHTM! This is the top honor of FHTM and allows all individuals inducted to earn on every single bill that has ever come into FHTM. Essentially it is a huge pay raise and it only took them 8 years to get to that position. So proud to be on their team! If it wasn't for them we would most certainly not be with FHTM today. Their belief in us and willingness to help us have made a huge IMPACT on our life! 

My favorite speaker at convention was Guillermo Zuluaga. He was just amazing and talked about just doing a little bit extra every day. 

Our FHTM Presidential Ambassadors. We will be on that stage some day! So exciting to know where you are going! 

Coffee delivered to room both mornings! I have the best man ever!

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