Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keeping Score

I'm always trying to improve. I've always been this way. Sometimes I time myself on how fast I can fold a pile of towels and the next time I try to beat my time because if you can fold a pile of towels fast then you are a winner at life. I also always evaluate myself. Im constantly thinking on scales from 1-10.

  • Today I got a 0 because I was going to run but didn't 
  • Today I got a 10 because I put all laundry away right after pulling it out of the dryer
  • Today I got a 5 for work because I didn't return all the calls and emails I got but somehow I have          time to blog
  • Most days I get 7's or 8's for being Mommy but I always feel like I should have pinterested an activity to do with Kennedy

     Do you get the picture? Yeah, I know it's not a healthy one. But I am thankful that the Lord doesn't think about me this way. I thank the Lord that He sees me perfectly fit for His service and mission. I thank the Lord that He has been working in me and is working on removing these scores that I keep.


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