Wednesday, February 1, 2012


WOW, I did a horrible job in blog world in January. Between church, family/friends, and work I didn't have much time for fun. I know I need to be better at balancing my time but I feel like a total winner balancing the 3 things above. I read somewhere that any human being will feel better with a balanced life. We are at "all times" to strive for a time balance that resembles a table with four legs, each leg representing a different important aspect of who you are. For example for me that would look like:
  • spiritual
  • relationally
  • professional
  • recreational
Placing a priority on each of these things by ranking them from highest importance to me will help me make sure I am not undermining the things that are essential to me in my life. So, If I have a conference call that I know would benefit my work and am tempted to skip it because my girlfriends are having impromptu pedicures at Pearl Nails, I just simply ask if not listening would line up in my priorities. With a table approach I would be able to also ask myself if I have spent enough time on my relationships this week as well.

What would your 4 table legs look like? What do you need to make sure to make more time for? A balanced life is a life lived intentionally and with purpose (to me).

Happy love month y'all! I'll be posting about sweet Kennedy Kate's 1st birthday soon!

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