Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Months

We can't believe that Kennedy is 2 months old already (on the 26th). She is growing so fast and we are loving all the new sounds and smiles that we have been getting,
KK got to meet Clemma (MiMi) who is her great grandmother. Clemma Childress lives in Denton and I am so glad that we were able to get some pictures of them. I love that they are looking at each other.
Kennedy also got to meet Paul Orberson. Paul Orberson is the founder and CEO of our company.
Gram-ma came to visit us on her spring break. They had a blast. I think she has the Esmond eyes.
She will probably be mad at me for posting pictures of her that look like this.
Anyone who comes to visit us knows that Belle is a bit of a wild high strung dog (she is in need of some more training classes BAD). The amazing thing is how much she behaves around KK. Belle calms down and it seems to really upset her when KK cries for any amount of time.

Kennedy hasn't slept through the night yet but she only wakes us up once at around 5AM. Not bad at all. We are enjoying every second with our little girl!

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