Thursday, July 1, 2010


300th post?? WHOA!!! Maybe I should slow down a bit :) I feel like I should make this some kind of amazing post with a hot topic or something but I think I will just tell you why I am so excited about the month of July!

  • July 1st: June is over hooray!! and it's the start of a new month!! Love starting new AND tonight I am going with Ashley, Jill, Nocona, Stephanie, and a few others to see Eclipse!
  • July 4th is my favorite holiday. No stress. Summer. BBQ. Fireworks. Family. Friends. Watermelon. Its just perfect to me!
  • July 5th the number one money earner in our company is coming to San Antonio to train and share his expertise. Thank You Ruel Morton!
  • July 10th is a wedding for a family friend and will be a fun family event
  • July 11th is the Gospel Sunday Brunch at Gruene Hall with Kyle's parents! If you haven't been to this you must do so in your lifetime! If you don't have anyone to go with I will gladly accept your invitation!
  • Later July 11th I will be attending my friend Sabrina's baby shower. She is having a girl next month
  • July 15th is Kyles 31st birthday!!!! I'm sure I will come up with some sort of surprise for him
  • July 26th is our next baby appointment at 9:15 AM I will be 14 weeks pregnant at that point
What does your July look like? Don't you just love summer?


  1. YOU ARE BLESSED! Such an awesome month ahead of you!! Congrats on your 300th post!

  2. I love how you linked our blogs to your post. That is cool. Wish I had gotten a picture of me and you at the theater. Once we sat down you were so far away.