Friday, April 16, 2010

Bare Buns

Well, first I should apologize for my absence from the blogging world. It seems that achieving a 90 day goal will just flat wipe a girl (and her husband) out. We have been enjoying some much needed down time! Next month I begin work on a four month goal to running in my second ever marathon. May 1 the training begins so there is still time for you to volunteer to be my running partner and run the October 23rd marathon in New Braunfels with me.

If you don't think you are up for a marathon Kyle found this article and emailed it to me. He double dog dared me (HA) to do this...its not my style but I wanted to post it so that you know what your options are!

Shed your clothes for Bare Buns 5K
By Pamela LeBlanc
Posted: 04/13/2010 11:48 AM

Felt a little encumbered in the Capitol 10,000 last weekend? Peel off your clothes and join the Bare Buns 5K this Saturday at Star Ranch, a nudist camp 20 miles east of Austin.

Yes, the runners are nude, for the most part. Some women wear jog bras.

It’s part of a series of runs at nudist clubs in the southwest region of the United States. The Star Ranch is a family-oriented mobile home park and residential community.

“Ours is always the first of the season,” says David Phillips, who is helping to organize the event.

“Having worn my own rut in the glorious path around Memorial Park in Houston for several years back in my running days, I can tell you that our run is no walk in the park,” Phillips says. “The terrain here is uneven, and our soil is mostly beach sand. If there has been no rain for a couple of weeks before a run, that sand affords no real traction.

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  1. You are inspirational. I wish I could run...