Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday...Names

Top 2 Favorite Names
Kyle and I are sticking with "J" and "K" names

1. Girl name: I love the name Kyla Joy and will name my first daughter that if I have one.

2. Boy name: James Ray. We would call him Jimmy Ray if we have a boy. James was my great-grandfathers name and he just meant the world to me.

Don't go getting any ideas :) It seems we are just adding animals to are family at this point.


  1. Trust me, I got no ideas. :)
    Those are good solid names. LOVE YA!

  2. Kyla Joy is super cute for a girl!!
    And I love the idea of using family names...makes so much sense to be named after someone :)

  3. Kyla is such a cute name.! Love it.!!

  4. You could call her Kylie as a baby, I love the name Kyla